Meet Diana!

When did you make your first connection with a dog or cat or other pet?

I’ve been surrounded by pets since the day I was born. My family always had cats, dogs, and birds. My first extra-special pet was my Siamese cat, Ming Toy. My parents gave her to me for my seventh birthday, and we bonded immediately. She was my best friend and slept in my arms every night.

What type of dogs/cats do you have?

I have a thirteen year old Manx cat named Maxi that I adopted from a rescue group when she was eight weeks old. She is both sweet and sassy. She can run up and down the stairs so quickly that all you see is a flash. Hoppy is a ten year old white cat that I inherited from my Dad eight years ago. He is super affectionate and loves to play with the other kitties. He’s a big talker and loves to help me with phone calls, by meowing as loudly as he can. I adopted Maling and Kako at Dallas Animal Services when they were eight weeks old. They are now one and a-half and truly are “Siamese twins”; they spend all of their time together. Maling is very soft and cuddly, but she’s also sneaky. She likes to chew things up when I’m not around. Kako is a show-off and likes to perform with her toys. She likes to get my attention by playing with objects that are off limits. Both kitties love Christmas trees! I also have a salt water aquarium and three parrots. Disco and Sydney are Goffin cockatoos. My husband taught Disco to roll over like a dog. Beak is a fifty year old Blue Front Amazon that thinks I am his mate. I can walk outside with him on my shoulder and he won’t fly away.

What drew you to the world of professional pet sitting?

I taught first grade for twenty nine years and retired. I love animals and thought pet sitting would be a fun way to stay busy and do something meaningful.

My life as a pet sitter…

I have worked for PCPSI for three and a-half years. I have formed a strong attachment to my animal clients and take care of them as if they were my own pets.

Why I love my job…

I love spending time with the animals. They are so excited to see me and want lots of love and attention. They remind me of my first graders – short attention spans, sweet, and mischievous!

Do you have a funny story about something that has happened while on the job?

One time I was refilling some dog water bowls at a laundry sink, and something wet started shooting through the air, right in front of my nose. I didn’t know that the client’s Siamese cat was inside the covered litter box that was sitting on the laundry counter. He was facing backwards and peed through the opening, barely missing my face! I couldn’t stop laughing.

When you are not pet sitting, what are your favorite activities/hobbies or things you are involved in?

I love to browse through antique stores and often buy unusual cat décor, especially miniature cats. I also enjoy decorating my house, and my latest project is repainting the outside. During the summer months, I like to swim and do gardening.  My favorite pastime is playing with my kitties.