Dallas Dog Parks


Dallas dog parks.  They are a great way for your dog to get some dog-to-dog socialization, and can also be great for human socialization too!  While we are fully supportive of owners taking their own dogs for some good ‘ol fashioned fun at a dog park, for safety purposes Park Cities Pet Sitter does not allow its Dallas dog walkers and pet sitters to take client pups to dog parks.  It is simply too risky for us to take a client dog, where we often don’t know their full behavior history or little nuances when interacting with other dogs, to a dog park.  But we absolutely support clients taking their pups to a dog park to get some fresh air and to let their dog tire themselves out in play.

It is for this reason that we want to highlight some of the best dog parks in our service area.  

Differences Between Wag and PCPSI


A phenomenon that has changed the landscape of the local dog walking industry in the last few years is the emergence of a company called Wag.  Wag is a national company based in California that is known for providing on-demand dog walks, GPS walk tracking and has a very easy-to-use website and smart phone app.

Wag is the first company to ever successfully create a national dog walking company.  For the last thirty years, dog walking companies were all local entities only.  Many were (and still are) quite small, and usually only covered a portion of city or town—let alone an entire country.  But Wag believed that it could make inroads into the local, fragmented dog walking marketplace with their business model and technology (“the Uber of dog walking”), and was backed by many impressive financiers with deep pockets.

A Day in the Life of a Dallas Dog Walker


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Dallas dog walker? Obviously, we cannot speak for all Dallas dog walking companies, but we can definitely give you a glimpse into what it is like to work for us.

Here are some of the key components in the daily life of a Dallas dog walker for PCPSI that we will highlight:

• Daily Work Schedule
• Communication/Technology
• On the Job

Having Your Neighbor Care for Your Pet vs Hiring a Professional Dallas Pet Sitting Service


With pet ownership at an all-time high in America, it makes sense that there is a strong need for pet sitting services in Dallas. But WHO people use when they need a Dallas pet sitting service, and HOW they choose such people has really changed.

First, if you rewind to thirty years ago or so, it was much more common for both cats and dogs to be kept outdoors. Many pets—while loved and cared for–had not yet been elevated to “family member” status. Fast forward to today, pets have moved “from the barn to the bed” in many American households; and due to shifting human dynamics like having fewer children, more single people living alone, waiting until later in life to have children, pets have now become important companionship options and are much greater focuses in people’s lives.

Longevity of a Company’s Employees Is Important When Choosing a Dallas Dog Walker


In a recent blog, we discussed some of the criteria you should consider if you were looking for a Dallas dog walker or Dallas pet sitting company for your pets. One of the items we urged you to inquire about on the list was to ask the average tenure of a potential local pet sitting company’s employees before hiring them.

Park Cities Pet Sitters’ employees average a tenure of just under five years each with the company. That is incredibly long for most people in any industry to stay at the same job these days, and is practically unheard of for a local dog walking company that has a relatively large staff like we do.

How to Look for a “Pet Sitter Near Me”


You are new to town, or maybe just new to your neighborhood.  One of the first things many people do when they move to a new location is go to Google and enter “pet sitter near me,” or some close version of that phrase. Up pops your search results, and then you are faced with having to figure out which option is right for you.

What do you base your decision on when you end up choosing your own “pet sitter near me”?  Who has the best website?  Who popped up first on the list?  Who had the lowest prices?  Who used the cutest pictures?  Or do you first get a referral from a trusted friend or neighbor and skip the online search all together?

How Our Dallas Dog Walkers Are Hired & Assigned


Since Park Cities Pet Sitter first entered the Dallas dog walking services space back in 1992, we have really worked on perfecting our customer service focus, while simultaneously being a rewarding place to work for our staff.

This means a heavy focus on training our Dallas dog walkers in our policies and procedures, safety protocols and dog behavior.  It also means figuring out the most efficient ways to schedule our Dallas dog walker team so they are spending as much time doing the most rewarding part of the job—interacting with pets—and less time driving all around town from job to job.

As a result, we have developed a business model where we hire our Dallas dog walkers based on where they currently live. 

Why Hire a Dog Walker?


Twenty-five years ago, many people in America may have thought that hiring a dog walker was a frivolous luxury, only affordable for the few.

Fast forward to the present, and that is hardly the case today, with thousands of people making a living as local Dallas dog walkers in this community.

What has changed in that time?  A lot!

One of the big things that has changed is the importance people place…….

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Dallas Dog Walker


We have been Dallas dog walkers since 1992.  28 illustrious years.

Some people may think being a dog walker in Dallas is not that hard of a job, that literally anyone can do it.  With the recent proliferation of Uber-like dog walking services like Wag and Rover, we can see how many people might think that.  But there is a lot more than meets the eye…

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How to Have a Successful Outing at the Dog Park

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