You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Q: What is in home pet sitting?

A: In home pet sitting is a pet care provider coming to your home for scheduled visits, and caring for your pet(s) in their own environment.  The visits are customized to meet the needs and routines of your pet(s).  The sitter comes when and as often as you wish and can even spend the night.  Your home will also be cared for with an in home pet sitter.  They will bring in the mail and newspaper, pick up packages and flyers, adjust your TV or radio, alternate lights and blinds, and even water plants.  This gives your home a “lived in feel” to deter burglars.

Q: Why should I use a pet sitter rather than board my pet(s)?

A: We feel that your pet’s routine should not be disturbed unless absolutely necessary.  By boarding your pet(s), you risk their comfort, health, and social well-being.  Just the ride to the boarding facility alone is a hassle for you, as well as stressful for your pet(s). Having a professional pet sitter come to your home is the next best thing to having you there.  You also have the added benefit that it may be a crime deterrent.

Q: I already have a pet sitter – why should I switch to Park Cities Pet Sitter?

A: Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc. is a professional pet care service organization.  Our sitters are provided with the support and tools to give you the best, most reliable service available anywhere.  Honesty and integrity are vital ingredients of everything we say and do. While individual pet service providers can be capable and responsible, they often cannot offer you their services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, guaranteed.  And if those individuals have an emergency of their own, who will step in to care for your pet(s)?  You will never have that worry with our service.

Q: Are you bonded and insured?

A: Yes, we are a bonded and insured member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International.

Q: Who are your pet sitters?

A: Our pet sitters are mature, responsible animal lovers who are carefully selected based on their experience and high quality ethics.  All sitters are employees, are carefully screened, and go through a thorough background and reference check.  They are then sent through our training program, that is designed to underscore home security, safety for your pet(s), and the highest possible quality standards. Our sitters love what they do and it shows!

Q: Can I meet my sitter?

A: Absolutely!  When you become a new client of Park Cities Pet Sitter, we will schedule a free consultation with a sitter in your area.  They will meet you and your pet(s), become familiar with your home, and discuss all pertinent information about your pet(s) and home needs.  We know that you and your pet(s) like the same familiar face, so you will (in most cases), have the same sitter unless you move to another area of town.  If your sitter is not available, another one of our 30 qualified professional pet sitters will be. If you give us enough notice, we will offer you a meeting with your back up sitter.  That sitter will then be your permanent backup sitter whenever your sitter is not on duty.  We strive for consistency, which is another element that sets us apart from other pet care providers.

Q: What type of animals do you pet sit?

A: We care for dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, squirrels, chickens, turtles, frogs, snakes, goats…you name it; big or small, we care for them all!

Q: How many times a day will you visit? What about overnight?

A: We try to accommodate every situation; the least frequent service we offer is every other day (usually for cats or caged pets).  We can do one to five visits per day, a combination of extended visits and/or overnights – which ever fits the needs of you and your pet(s).  We will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you come up with a schedule of services to fit your needs.

Q: Can you give my pet medication?

A: All of our sitters are able to give most pills, liquids, and topical medications to most pets. Many of our sitters are also able to give needle administered medications like insulin and allergy shots, and in some cases, sub-q fluids.

Q: What happens if my pet becomes sick or injured?

A: We are committed to the excellent care of your pet(s).  Should your pet become sick or injured, we will follow the procedures listed on our emergency page.

Q: Can I have someone share pet sitting duties with my friends or family?

A: Consistency is vital to providing the best possible care. While it is ideal for our sitter to provide all the care during the entire period, we will agree to share that service with whomever you entrust to help out, in most cases.  However, we do require that you provide us with their name and contact information, and we ask that you provide them with ours.  They must know that they can contact us 24/7 if they cannot fulfill their part of the service, and we will take over the entire service immediately.  We also require that a written log be left in the home, with both the friend/family member signing with date & time each visit, and our sitter will do the same.  If they do not sign & date for a time they were to have been there, and we cannot reach them or you, we will take over the entire service immediately.  The best interest of your pet(s) and home are our utmost concern, and our years of experience have shown us that communication is key to a successful outcome.

Q: What if I need last minute service?

A: When “life happens”, you can rely on us to be there for you and your pet(s).  Once you are established as a client, we can service you same day if needed.  This is another great reason to keep your keys on file with our service, one less detail to worry about.  Go to the emergency page on this website for the procedure to contact us immediately for such request.

Q: I never have time to go to the groomer or vet – can you help?

A: Yes! We offer a pet taxi service to take them wherever they need to go. Your sitter can take your pet(s) to and from their appointment. While 24-hour notice is ideal, if you have an emergency, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs. If you need someone to stay with the pet(s) and get instructions, your professional pet sitter can meet with the doctor, obtain a written diagnosis, and pick up any required medications.

Q: Does my dog need to be on a leash if trained?

A: ABSOLUTELY! While your dog may be trained, it is our strict policy to always keep your pet(s) on a leash while in our care outside of your home or yard. This will ensure we have control over any unforeseen problems that may arise. There is also a leash law in many areas.

Q: Will my dog be walked in extreme temperatures or weather?

A: You should discuss with your sitter how best to care for your pets in extreme weather.  During the high temperatures in the summer, our walks will be brief. We do not want your pet(s) or our sitters to become over exposed, and suffer from heat exhaustion. During severe thunderstorms, or if road and walking conditions become dangerous, we will do all we can to ensure your pet(s) get out for a potty break.  We will resume regular walking schedules once the severe weather has passed.

Q: Will you pick up after our pet(s)?

A: Your sitter will pick after your pet(s) when they are out on their walk.  They will also pick up  after  your pet(s) if they go in your yard while under their care, if requested.  While we do not offer full poop scooping services, please see our Links page for pet waste cleanup service providers.  We will also, of course, take care of all kitty boxes.  If your pet(s) get sick in your home, we will clean up after them, in most cases.  If this requires extended time beyond your visit, there may be an additional charge.

Q: Will my sitter have their own supplies to clean up after my pet(s)?

A: You are responsible for providing your pet sitter with all cleaning supplies, including bags for picking up or scooping waste, paper towels, carpet cleaners, etc.  Please go over any specific details with your sitter for anything that requires special care, i.e. delicate or expensive carpets and rugs.

Q: How do you handle my keys?

A: Two (2) working keys should be given to your sitter during the initial meeting.  Most clients have us keep their keys on file so we are ready for future service at a moments notice. If you require your key to be returned, there will be a charge for future key pick up or drop off arrangements.  PLEASE TEST ALL NEWLY MADE KEYS TO SEE THAT THEY WORK PROPERLY!!  If you live in a gated community, you will also be required to provide your sitter with a gate code or an access device.

Q: What do I do if I’m ready to book service?

A: You have three options.  You may call our office at 214-828-0192, or email us at  You may go to our RESERVATIONS page on-line to conveniently schedule your service.  Keep in mind, if you want to book on-line, your service request cannot be less than 72 hours in advance.  If your request is for service within the next 72 hours, please call or email us.

Q: How and when is payment received?

A: Payment is due at the start of service.  We accept cash, check, MC/Visa, AMEX and Discover. You will receive a confirmation email approximately 3-4 days prior to the start of your service, reminding you of the amount due, so that you may leave your cash or check.  Please leave your payment in a central area for your sitter to pickup, like the kitchen counter or wherever your pet supplies are kept.  If you are paying by credit card, it will be charged on the first day service begins, or shortly thereafter.  For clients with permanent daily dog walks, you may either pay weekly or monthly.

Q: Does my sitter accept tips?

A: Yes.  Tips are never expected, but for a job well-done, tips are always appreciated!  You may include them in your check, leave cash, or have a tip put on your credit card.  To use your credit card for tipping, just call or email the office and tell us the amount or percentage you would like to give.  If you are booking on-line, you may click on “gratuity” to add it to the reservation you are scheduling.  100% of all tips go to your sitter.

Q: Can I contact my sitter directly?

A: You and your sitter may talk directly about the care of your pet(s) and home, but all reservations – including changes and cancellations – must be made directly with the office.  Your sitter CANNOT change their own schedule, so please contact the office regarding reservations or changes of address or payment method.

Q: Are there any extra charges for holiday care?

A: The only extra charges we have during the holidays, or any other time, are for last minute reservations. For regular service, we require 24-hour notice to book service. For major holidays, we require two weeks notice to avoid a late booking fee.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: A 24-hour notice for all NON-HOLIDAY cancellations is required.  There is no refund for service that is canceled same day, however, the remainder of the visits beyond that will be held as a credit, or promptly refunded.  If you return home early without notifying us, you will be charged for any attempted visits.  During the holidays, ALL cancellations should be made at least one week prior to scheduled service.  Last-minute cancellations will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds will be given on holiday service after the job has started. OVERNIGHT bookings will be charged a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking ALL year round.

Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my sitter or my service?

A: We encourage you to contact us if you are not satisfied in any way with your sitter or your service. We will address any issues, and hopefully rectify whatever problems you may have.  We want to live up to your expectations, so please contact us immediately if that hasn’t happened. Occasionally, a sitter and pet, or a sitter and a client, just don’t “mesh”. We strive to have multiple sitters in all areas we service, as we want to provide you with that “perfect fit”.

Q: Do you have a referral program?

A:Yes!  Our best advertising is a happy client!  Refer our service to a friend, family member, or co-worker, and we will reward you with one free regular visit. They must mention your name when they book their service.  A gift certificate will be sent to you when their first service is complete.

If you have a question that we have not answered, give us a call or drop us an email at