Better Understand Insecure or Anxious Dogs, and How to Help Them–with Behavior Consultant, Scott Sheaffer, CDBC, CPDT-KA – April 11, 2015

We hosted a 2 hour informative seminar to give people more in-depth information about what true dog aggression is.

PCPSI President, Joette White signs guests in. Trainer Scott Sheaffer shares the knowledge he's gained from many years of dog training.

Arden Moore Comes to Dallas – January 2013

In January, Park Cities Pet Sitter hosted some edu-taining events with renowned animal behaviorist, Arden Moore, and Zeki the Cool Cat. During the Dog & Cat Behavior Talk, Arden shared tips and tricks  that every pet owner should know including, introducing new pets with current pets, how to read dog/cat body language, and pet pee problems.

There were also book signings, fantastic door prizes, and goody bags filled with great pet products. Everyone got to meet Zeki, the survivor of a brutal knife attack in East Dallas, who now tours the nation helping and inspiring others.

We also offered a Pet First Aid & CPR Certification Class. This hands-on program taught the students the necessary skills to provide emergency care to a dog or cat, as well as money saving ways to keep their pets healthy and safe.  Zeki, Ebony, and Burt served as “demo pets” during Arden’s class.

To better serve our clients and their four-legged family, we had our staff take the same course and become Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

They learned restraining and muzzling, choking management, fractures/bleeding protocols, care for heatstroke, frostbite, poisoning, seizures, and shock. This investment in education will ensure our sitters can handle these scary situations, and make the right decisions to keep your pets safe.

Check back with us soon for future events!