The holidays are a tempting time for the little ones in your house — all those interesting new things to touch and taste. That’s why it’s important to take extra precautions.

  1. Avoid putting tinsel or popcorn on your tree — it looks fun to eat.
  2. Don’t leave edible gifts under the tree, where they are easy for pets to discover.
  3. Place small breakable ornaments high on the tree, out of reach
  4. Don’t put edible gifts in stockings near a fireplace — that’s a disaster waiting to happen.
  5. Mistletoe, poinsettas and holly are toxic, so find a safe substitute.
  6. When opening gifts, dispose of plastic wrapping, bows and ribbons quickly — they too look like they would be fun to eat.
  7. Don’t throw wrappings or packaging into the fireplace — some of it burns very rapidly, almost explosively — same goes for Christmas tree branches.
  8. Place candles out of reach and away from combustibles. Extinguish them when they are unattended and remember — hot wax burns.
  9. Don’t let your pets drink the water the tree is sitting in.
  10. Don’t feed pets chocolate, candies or cookie!

Courtesy of Sears Brands

If you are traveling for the holidays be sure to have someone checking on your home. Call Park Cities Pet Sitter for the care of your pets while you’re away.  We can also check on the overall security of your home while you are away.  If you are taking your pets, then we can still come by and check on your home.  We will bring in your mail, packages, newspapers and flyers, and alternate lights and blinds so it looks like someone is home.