dog travel

  1. Accommodations:  Many hotels do not accept pets and if they do require they not be left alone.
  2. Plane trips:  Even with a reservation, airlines can refuse transporting your pet. Cargo holds are not heated or cooled or sound proof and can be very stressful on your pet and may even cause death.  High altitudes also have an amplified affect on medication or sedatives.
  3. Car trips:  All pets should be crated or restrained in a harness.  Numerous dangers exist for your pets inside and outside your vehicle.
  4. Identification:  Trying to find your pet lost in a strange city will ruin your vacation.  And they are at greater risk because they are disoriented by the strange sights, sounds and smells.
  5. Behavoir:  The stresses of traveling can test even the best-trained and well-socialized pet.
  6. Food & Water:  Drinking local water while traveling and changes in diet can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.
  7. Dangers, Diseases & Illness:  Allergies, ticks, mosquitoes, poison ivy on their coat transferred to you, just to name a few.
  8. Leashes & Laws:  Every state has a “Leash-Law” that are ticketable offenses.
  9. Emergencies & Vets:  Trying to find an emergency animal facility while dealing with your hurt and injured pets is another way to ruin your vacation.
  10. Alternative:  You have a Bonded and Insured Professional Pet Sitter caring for your pet and your home.  Hiring Park Cities Pet Sitter can give you immeasurable peace of mind while you are out of town.  Let us “Take Care of the Family You Leave Behind”.